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The Modo-vation Story

100% USA 3D Design Company building on the Fusion 360 Platform.  Our story below is where it all started . . . 

Through countless road trips with the challenges of reaching over for stuff to stop it from flying on the passenger side floor of the vehicle and also watching stuff fly about the cabin (Front & Rear) under hard braking or steering . . .

BAGMODO® Was Born!

After designing BAGMODO® 1.0, real world testing and focus group feedback . . .The Team reached the same conclusion that there is a need for our product ideas and solutions.

BAGMODO® was created to solve many driver and vehicle “stuff” issues in the front and back seats and open compartments of vehicles.

These “Stuff” issues have a major contributing impact on Distracted Driving!

Our concepts, designs and testing are carefully reviewed with the user/ driver and safety in mind.

Our excitement is peaking with the rollout of the MODO X™ Project with 10 designs scheduled for market.  Our premier product Bag Modo™ being our first design sent to market.

We 100% design, manufacture and build all of our products in the USA.

MODO X the Company

MODO X LLC, The Company also engages in consulting to help with 3D design, manufacturing and bring products to the market place. If you are a Business or Entrepreneur who needs help designing a product for your business, your clients or consumer, we can help.  We have a network of  resources to price out and prototype your design.

You are welcome to reach out to us with any questions.  We are NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Friendly!

MODO X Client Projects


Protect your stuff & other drivers


Ladies LOVE Their Purse/Handbag On The Front Passenger Seat Open And Accessible.


Protect your Laptop and other contents via the Loop or Handle on your backpack.

Grocery Bags

Protect those liquids and breakables from making a mess and costing you time and money to replace them.

Additional Recommended Use:

Baby Diaper Bags  ○  Service/Tech Tool Bags  ○  Beach Bags  ○  Lunch Bags  ○  Cooler Bags

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Prototype Target Date of July 2024

Modo X Pro™ Coming soon...

The Modo X Pro™ designed for Jeeps, Trucks and SUVS, will add new possibilities to reduce distracted driving.


Learn More . . .

BAGMODO® Reducing Distracted driving.

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